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elite Japanese energy insider oiler^M returns w/ thoughts on #fukushimA

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  1. elite Japanese energy insider oiler^M returns w/ thoughts on #fukushimA
  2. I hear the purposes of these reactors after the nuclear plant exploded
  3. reminded that #fukushimA is still one of most hazardous warhead places
  4. on planet, masses. 1 of poorest nuclear war games to last for 5 years.
  5. My first love, on the ground you can feel the heart of the nuclear.
  6. Now, we are in reactor, it's the art of reaction in the permanence of
  7. the disaster.
  8. An analogy is this, the buildings are old, purpled by accelerated nuclear
  9. reactions. a 9 yr old girl when she stands her foot turns purple and swells.
  10. What could cause this?  to know the cause is to understand the situation.
  11. a house to so much radiation that spews through the opening points.
  13. new & now, a navy of 3000 workers dealing in ships patrol melted nuclear fuel &
  14. contain spread of the radiation.  a control center inside & monitors #fukushimA
  15. but it is the workers that work only hours a day that disclose directly to us
  16. the real situation.
  17. The idea is not to shutdown the plant & move the fuel out, which is not known now,
  18. but to tackle the immediate surrounding area.  We are now referring to TEPCO as
  19. tackle, as they must tackle the problem.  We are japanese.  the actual working
  20. conditions have been proven to us, and they are what they are.
  21. For the USA, we offer them salary & sake when they visit us, USA gives us gift
  22. of force to their public opinion.  We commanded to our public an explanation
  23. of the accident & that nuclear power is once again safe.

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